How routine body checks can save your car and you.

routine check-up
Routine Check-ups involves paying an unscheduled visit to a Clinic to get your body checked.

Recently, a Colleague was in tears as he recounted his misfortune, and most people who cared to listen didn’t feel any pity for him, but sheer disdain, condemning him for being careless.
His Crime:
The young man was in a hurry to beat the early Morning traffic; hence he dashed out of his house, driving off to work without checking his car engine. He was left stranded on the road minutes later because his car engine knocked.

Moral Lesson: If only he had taken a sec to check his Car Engine, he would have saved his fortune.

Most of us are like the young man we are always in a hurry and on the go with every other appointment, but an appointment that involves a routine health check with a Health Service Provider or Doctor until we start getting Symptomatic or ill.

The thought of having a routine checkup often comes to us as a waste of hard earned money. After-all, we have more pressing and obvious needs. Truth is, we eventually pay more when we fall ill, or get to find out that our ailment could have been cured, if it was detected timely.

The tears of “If only I had taken a sec” becomes the song. Imagine a scenario where airplanes were put to flight without checking how fit they were, we sure would have more air tragedies than we currently are experiencing. The same goes for car engines.

Our health is more delicate than an airplane or car can ever be and as such should be showered with care. Besides, our body transports us in making all the money we need or will ever need, why wait until it starts complaining before we pay remuneration? Let’s give it a treat, take it for routine checkup today! It deserves it, or don’t you think so?


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