It Happened To me…


It was a very rainy day and all I felt like doing was dream all day,I would probably call the office
that I was taking the day off, I thought to myself. All have been pretty rosy for me, a thriving career,
an awesome relationship billed for the altar later that year, and sure multiple businesses streaming in
millions annually; and I wasn’t yet thirty;
I smiled. “I wish I could just stay on in Bed”…I moaned as I stretched and made for my diary.

As I glanced through it, it dawned on me that I either got my myself out of Bed right that minute or got fired; as a deal I have been chasing like forever was to be closed that day.”I just cannot afford the luxury of dreaming today” I muttered to myself; and made to stand up from my Bed, but then it happened…

I noticed I couldn’t move a part of my body. It felt like a huge joke at first and then it dawned on me that it was for real. All I could do was silently pray in my heart “dear Lord, let this not be happening”. I just lay still and prayed my maid came in and checked on me as i couldnt get to my Phone.

Eventually, I was rushed to the Hospital and as I lay in the Ambulance that carted me off, all I could do was hope that this wasn’t the end of me.The Doctors eventually ran some tests on me and their diagnosis was I had haemorrhagic stroke. According to them, this was due to uncontrolled high blood pressure that caused a weakened artery to burst.

I opened my mouth to speak,but no words came out…I wanted to scream “how can I have uncontrolled high blood pressure, when I didn’t realize my blood pressure was high?”. I got to find out later though, that High Blood Pressure normally doesn’t have any symptoms and we are responsible for checking our blood pressure and knowing our blood pressure number.

Its exactly 3 years since my diagnosis, and I am faring pretty okay now, but with a major disfigure
on my looks due to the paralysis. I did lost my job as I couldn’t cope with the demands due to my ill health plus I had to postpone my Wedding indefinitely. Thankfully,my fiance is still by my side. I had to close down  my businesses as I wasnt there to run them and most of my money I spent in trying to save my life.

Something the Doctor said though continually lingered in my mind. He kept saying, I was educated, rich but careless with my health. I am now aware of the risks involved in not having a blood pressure check but at a very costly price.

Do you know your blood pressure number? I was privileged to have a second chance at life, are you sure of the same? Go for a check, know your blood pressure number. It will cost you nothing.

By Aremu,Joy (not real names)


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