What is Lipoma? Should I be bothered?

What is a Lipoma?
Lipomas are soft, fatty lumps that grow under the skin. They’re harmless and can usually be left alone if they’re small and painless. They are not cancer and they do not turn into cancer.
Common locations where you can find lipoma includes; shoulders, neck, chest, arms, armpit, back,  upper thighs, upper arms and buttock , but it  can be seen in almost any part of the body.
Who is affected by lipoma?
Lipoma occurs in about one in 100 people. It can also occur in all age group but common among middle age.
The cause of lipoma is not well understood but could result from minor injury to the skin.
They are small about 5-10cm
They are movable, soft and rubbery.
They are painless
Usually occur under the skin.
Appearance alone is sufficient for diagnosis of lipoma, but your doctor may also request for a biopsy or an ultrasound to be done.
Treatment is not necessary for lipoma. However, it can be removed if it gets infected, painful or for cosmetic reasons. Treatment includes;
Surgical Procedure: a simple procedure in the doctor’s office could be done to remove it. But if it is located in areas where simple incision cannot reach, it can be done in an operation room.
Liposuction: this procedure involves removal of fatty lumps using suction
Steroid injections: steroid is injected into the skin to shrink the lump.
By Dr Latifa Owoo 


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