Voice and cold management

Making a living with your voice. 
The common cold also known upper respiratory infection is caused by a virus, which thrives in cold and dry conditions.
How cold affects your voice.
When the cold viruses get into the throat, it makes the vocal cords inflamed or swollen. These swollen cords would vibrate more slowly and unevenly leading to a lower pitch and a hoarse voice respectively.
Prevention of common cold
Washing of hands: 80% of contagious diseases are transmitted via touch. Wash hands often especially after touching public surfaces such as public phones, doorknobs as these viruses are easily transmitted via these means.
Avoid vital body parts: avoid touching your face especially your nose, mouth and eyes when around someone with a cold, or after touching a public surface.
Elevated immune system:         
Exercise: aerobics are exercises that increase your heart rate. It also increases you body’s defenses. 
Proper diet: good nutrition helps to increase your body’s defenses especially vegetables. Vegetables contains photochemical which boost your body’s immune, which consequently increases your body’s ability to defend the system.
Rest: rest or relaxation helps your body recover quickly, elevating its immune.
Avoid Smoking: smokers are more prone to severe and frequent colds. Avoid smoking or smokes.
Use a vaporizer: Use of vaporizer makes you less susceptible to colds and more comfortable in you have colds.
Management of common cold
Drink plenty of water to replace those lost from sweating or mucus productions 
Rest your voice
Use a humidifier
Use lozenges or cough drops: excessive use of decongestants could dry the airway so avoid excessive usage.
During performance turn up your mic volume so you can sing or speak at a lower volume.
Coughing and clearing your throat can seriously strain the vocal cords: Try swallowing or drinking some water when you first feel that tickle, and, as a last resort, cough gently.
      Drink warm or hot beverages and cooked food: The lungs tend toward dampness during cold period, so warm beverages and warm/hot food will help remove the clammy cold feeling.  
Alternative remedies for colds
Take vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc they tend to boost immunity and ward off cold.

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