1 Reason why your spouse gets turned off in bed?

It was a night when everything had seemingly been perfect all through the day and the night properly lighted by deem blue lights. The ambience, the fragrance, and the smooth soul jazz tunes were the climax of my perfect night with my hubby. Not to long after the fore play began, he suddenly withdrew with disgust yet reluctant to talk about it. He dressed up and zoomed off in his car  
Once a client walked into the pharmacy asking to speak with a pharmacist discreetly
He complained that during sex his wife’s vagina odour turns him off. Although she had used medications but the situation seems to reoccur. He was out of options hence he asked, “What should I do”?
Well I guess many people find themselves in such situations, women, and probably, their men. Vaginal odour could be due to several reasons such as poor hygiene, infections, medications, and other factors.
If the odour is associated with itching, pain, discharge or irritations then please see a physician. If not, it might not be very abnormal. Bear in mind that changes in vaginal odour could occur after sex and can even vary with a woman’s cycle.
4 DONT’s to Keep It welcoming
1.      Do not use tight fitted pants or clothing. 
2.      Do not apply scented deodorant or perfumes.
3.      Do not wash with highly concentrated scented soaps.
4.      Do not use douching (most women usually wash out the vagina with a mixture of water and vinegar).
5 DO’s to keep it welcoming
1.     Do take probiotics (lactobacillus): It can be found in unflavored yoghurt absent of sugar and probiotic pills.
2.      Do take 15ml (1 tablespoon) of liquid chlorophyll mixed into 240ml (8 oz) of water twice a day. Chlorophyll is a natural internal deodorizer found in green plants. However, note that chlorophyll can have side effects such as blackish tongue or make your urine and feces a little green. These are common side effects and should not make you worry.
3.      Do bath with Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV): The ACV is a natural anti-bacterial that helps to fight against infections and restore vaginal flora. Add 240 to 470 ml (1 to 2 cups) of the ACV to your bathwater and soak yourself for 20 minutes. The vinegar will help to eradicate toxins and bacteria that result to vaginal odor.
4.   Do wear cotton underwear: cotton panties and loose fitting clothes are preferable to tight jeans and fabrics that do not allow your vagina to breathe leading to vaginal sweating, hence bacteria build-up and an unpleasant smell consequently takes its toll. Sweating in the vaginal should be prevented.
5.      Do wipe front to back:  Germs and bacteria can be transferred from the rectum to the bladder opening (vaginal area), hence it is advisable to wipe from front to back after bowel movement to prevent bacteria spread.
Does it help? Please give us feedback to enable us serve you better. You can send your questions to consultation@medswitchhealthconnect.com.ng or contact us via (phone) 0700MEDSWITCH 

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