Exhumed and Poisonous Chicken in Lagos Nigeria

The Lagos State Government has released a warning to inform members of the public
Of the spread of exhumed contaminated poultry produce like chickens and turkeys
According to Mr. Toyin Suarau, the State Commissioner for Agriculture, the imported contaminated poultry produce were seized and destroyed by men of the Nigeria Customs Service in Badagry. They were later exhumed (dogged up) by unscrupulous individuals with the intent to sell to uninformed consumers.

It has been confirmed that the imported poultry produce is preserved with poisonous formalin chemicals; this can lead to slow death unknowing to the consumer. Imported poultry products are not as nutritious as freshly processed poultry meat because they are usually preserved for months or even years with dangerous, poisonous, and contaminated substance, hence consumption is discouraged.
The public is hereby advised to desist from purchase and consumption of poultry produce from unsure sources despite how cheap it comes. Please support the spread and awareness of the danger posed by this exhumed poultry produce. They are poisonous and could lead to death if consumed.
Save a life and share with a friend.


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