What Do You Know About Your Kids Sexual Life

A new report and analysis suggests that parents who set rules and monitor their teenagers may have kids who are more cautious about sex. 
But I will like to share this story with you. If you were the parent of this teen, what would you do? This story will blow your mind, We tried to keep the story as original as possible, however we had to edit a few errors and made remark where necessary. Remarks in red italics.
A teen has this to say
“I have been looking for a sugar mummy since when I was in my University and so unlucky for me, I have not been able to get any, but I have met with some so-called agents claiming that they have sugar mummy for me.

Due to the fact that I am very desperate to get this sugar mummy to enhance my finance after school, I believes in the agent and I sent up to #20,000 to him having the mind that he will provide what I want for me, and at the end the reverse was the case, he flew away with my hard earn money.

The good news (did you say good) here is when I met the agent (we took out the name) and just only one call I gave to him, after I have explained how i was been duped, by other agents, he told me that he is different and I found it difficult to believe him, but when I tried him, WOW!!! I got exactly the very kind of sugar mummy I wanted, right now i am enjoying with her just the way I want it. 

If you are there looking for a sugar mummy please don’t wast (I had to add the e to his “wast” ) your time looking for fake agent kindly call Mr agent on 0807xxxxxx for sugar mummy, sugar daddy, lesbians, gay connections etc. (we took out the agent’s name and phone contact

I have promised him that this great testimonies will not end with me (hence you built a site?) . I, also want my fellow young boys and girls to benefit from it, thanks for your understanding.”
On the contrary, he also wants to destroy other teens, Countless infamous stories and reports are all over the internet. Statistics suggests that hundreds of thousands of U.S. teens become pregnant each year with over 75 percent of the pregnancies unplanned. Research shows that in 2012, people aged 20 to 24 had the highest rate of new infections with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. 
But How much does HIV cost?  read the story below and get ready for the medical expert recommendation on what parents can do to control their teens sexual exploits.
A publication on webzine, Ghana web with the headline “SSS Girls Sacked For Engaging in Gang sex.” reported that ten secondary girls were caught in a gang sex at a hotel and were alleged to be having sex with five suspected drug dealers. Each girl received ¢150,000 for their endurance and sex skills or may be an exchange for the deadly virus.
A new report and analysis suggests that parents who set rules and monitor their teenagers may have kids who are more cautious about sex. Learn how. Coming soon on our publication
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Kindly make your comments or send us your comment on ways you believe parents can preserve and protect their kids in the face of excessive sexual and illicit contents. Your opinion could be published after preview.. This is about teens sexual health
Remember, the next generation is our responsibility and it starts now.


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