Reasons Why You Are Not There?

Identify The Limitations of Your Goal
We all have “set goals” for success but these goals may bring increasing life expectations and self demand. They however seem like self imposed pressure or work pressure in form of deadlines, targets, multiple tasks and not forgetting family responsibilities. Of course, it is a lot to deal with.
Despite your efforts and input in time, it may seem like you are not doing enough, yet the pressure is piling up and to make matters worse, you can no longer concentrate or do the needful. You may have trouble making decisions, planning, meeting deadlines, distracted by other activities around you, or you feel frustrated easily and give up.  Lets walks through possible solutions
Firstly, identify the Problem
Ask yourself pertinent questions. What are you dealing with” It could be any of these; Procrastination, Stress, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder , Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or some other cause.
1.      Procrastination is usually when people try to delay what ought to be done at the moment for reasons they can always make up. Knowing that you have to do certain task that you do not love to do can cause pressure or make you feel tense. You tend to get a temporary relief when you delay the task. But the downside is that you’ll still have to deal with the task sooner or later and the thought of that may make you feel guilty, angry or tensed and result to  stress.
 What to Do
Split the task into bits for ease.
Set project timelines and finish line.
Acknowledge and reward your progress.
Pardon yourself rather than feeling ashamed or angry when you procrastinate.
2.      Stress  can affect you in several ways like difficulty in focus, hard time in sleeping, wondering thoughts, lack of energy, headaches or muscle tension
What to Do
Exerciseto keep your mood in check.
Avoid or reduce alcohol and caffeineintake.
Sleep well.
Get a confidant. Share your feelings with a friend or counselor.
  1. ADHD –  Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
You may have trouble making decisions, planning, meeting deadlines, distracted by other activities around you, or you feel frustrated easily and give up. Then you might be dealing with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
You may also be experiencing:
Making unnecessary and careless mistakes
Uncalculated and unsafe risks taking
Feeling of emotional distress
Wriggle or shaking
What to Do
Consult your physician, medications can be of immense help and can control many symptoms of the disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can also be used to identify and change your negative thought patterns and help in time management.
  1. OCD: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
Obvious signs of this problem include; inability of the brain to signal when you are doing something correctly. On the contrary, you get a false and nagging sensation of doing wrong. Consequently, most persons dealing OCD do not finish their task; they spend time searching for the perfect fit or solutions they may never find. 
Other symptoms to watch out for may include:
Uninvited thoughts, memories or images with a feeling of helplessness or inability to stop the thought.
Some persons are obsessed with ritual activities such as hand washing. They spend so much time on these thoughts and rituals. Some can spend as much as an hour daily.
What to Do
Consult your physician. Anti-anxiety medication or antidepressantscan improve the symptoms. Also cognitive-behavioral therapy or exposure therapy is commonly used. This method helps and teaches persons with OCD to slowly face their fears.
Perhaps none of this helps or you think you might have a more serious health challenge, do well to see your doctor.

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