How Much Time Do Your Kids Spend on Computers, smart phones……

  • If you spend up to 6 hours on computers daily, you would have spent over 2,000 hours yearly in front of the computer. If you use computers at that rate, the chances of CVS are high.
  • With more than 2 hours daily in front of computers, research shows a 90% chance of developing CVS. There are more than 10 Million visits to eye doctors every year for CVS related problems in the United states.

CVS is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), associated with a group of eye and vision and other related problem that results from prolonged computer usage. 

Let us protect our Kids and ourselves, knowing that an average person across the globe now uses a computer for work, socialization, entertainment, and even education. Presently the world lives in the Web. Even crime and terrorism have made the web an abode.
 Protect your Kids, the world lives in the Web.
 the web and CVS is accessible via computers and smart devices
Keep posted for  upcoming post on CVS prevention and management

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