Crash of A Democrat’s Career Blamed on Hair Loss

Mark Oaten is a British former politician who was a senior member of the Liberal Democrats. He served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Winchester from 1997 to 2010. Born in Watfordon the 8 of March 1964, Hertfordshire, Oaten became a councilor in local government, joining the centre-left Social Democratic Party, which merged with the Liberal Party to form the Liberal Democrats. He became the party’s Home Affairs spokesperson in 2003.  
He stood for the position of Leader of the Liberal Democrats in 2006, but withdrew from the contest when he was hit by a series of scandals which also led to his resignation as Home Affairs spokesperson.
On 21 January 2006, Oaten resigned from the Liberal Democrat front bench when it was revealed by the News of the World that he had hired a 23-year-old male prostitute between the summer of 2004 and February 2005.
The newspaper also alleged that Oaten had engaged inthree-in-a-bed‘ sex sessions with two male prostitutes. Further allegations surfaced in the media over the following days, including an accusation that he had asked one of the prostitutes to engage in an act of coprophilia.
At the time the, 45-year-old blamed his ‘error of judgment’ on dissatisfaction with politics and going prematurely bald. He withdrew from the leadership race and has agreed to stand down at the next election. Following his retirement from active politics, Oaten published two books. In the book, the Winchester MP writes about how he believes his affair was an attempt to recapture his youth.

 Dealing with the psychological Effects of Hair Loss
  • Consult a therapist. Perhaps you find it difficult to deal with the psychological or emotional impact of hair loss, see Psychologists or psychiatrists.
  • Medication: If you are dealing with depression and have exhausted all possible measures because, sometimes brain chemicals are having deleterious effects, antidepressant drugs may help. Get your physicians advise.
  • Understand and tell yourself that hair loss is not life-threatening. 
  • Consider Re branding: Companies rebrand for several reasons; it could be a change of logo, colors or even customer perception of the company, products or services. Put that bald spot in the right perspective; it could mean personal rebranding, a change of your looks. How about trying something new?  “A new look”.
  • Get Styled: A good fashion designer or beauty experts can be valuable to you quest for a new look.
  • Know that some hair Loss may be fixed: “If your hair loss is related to chemotherapy, it will most likely grow back,” Many other conditions that cause hair loss are also temporary.
  • Consider Medical Solutions: There are medical procedures or even drug solutions. Consult your health specialists.

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