5 Steps to Quit Smoking

Smoking tops the chart of preventable death and diseases in the United States, with over 480,000 Americans lost annually.  It poses immediate damage to the body which can lead to long term health problems.

1.      Give yourself a Reason to Quit:

There are more than enough reasons to quit smoking, beginning with the list of over 50 different diseases including lung cancer, heart disease and impotence and baldness.

2.    Get a Motivational Factor:

A motivational Factor will be ideal because quitting smoking can be challenging. But what if you were quitting to be able to help others quit, such that your success story can be a reference point and you can even join organizations or startup a support programme or a campaign for those trying to quit. Your smoking may cause your loved ones pain, how about quitting to make them happy or staying alive and healthy for them.

3.    Talk to a Doctor

Doctors can be helpful to your decision to quit smoking. They can advice you on cessation medications and put you in contact with local resources.

4.    Get Help

We cannot over emphasize the need to quit smoking, as this single decision can improve the length and quality of a smoker’s life. However, quitting can be tough hence smokers don’t have to quit alone. There are options to help smokers quit smoking such as group clinics.
There are program that teaches proven skills and techniques that can help smokers quit. However, direct help may not be in your country or neighborhoods, there are online programs and self-help books. Feel free to contact us for support or recommendations.
5.      Set Quit Date

Set a date you would like to quit smoking. It is best you set a date as close as possible to the time you started considering quitting to keep you motivated.

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