Rate of smoking may be equal to hair loss.

Smoking turns Men Bald’, Research claims
Like in the movie “A thousand words” starring Eddie Murphy, each word spoken by him was equivalent to each leaf on the tree that mysteriously appeared at his house. And each leaf was equivalent to his life span. This meant he would die once the tree had lost all of its leaves.  
Research has found that the rate of smoking may be equal to the rate of hair loss.Despite the long list of diseases linked to smoking which are over 50 different diseases including lung cancer, heart disease impotence et al. Baldness or hair loss in men has been linked to smoking. 

According to research, smoking may worsen age-related hair loss in men. Male pattern baldness affects men as they grow older and this can be partly caused by male sex hormones. However, it seems that smoking also plays a role in hair loss, with smokers more likely to lose their hair than others.

In a study of more than 700 men between 40 and above, it was found that the rate of smoking is equal to the rate of hair loss. The researchers used information gathered such as age, family history, height, weight, and blood samples.

Hair loss often develops very slowly, beginning with the appearance of a bald spot in the crown of the scalp and thinning of the temples.Although it can strike at any time, many men first become aware of it as they approach their 30s. Hair loss or baldness can be hereditary and runs in the family, but research shows its strongest influence is on the maternal side. It implies that if a man’s maternal grandfather (mother’s father) is bald, the chances of baldness are higher.

According to the researchers, smoking may damage the genetic structure of the hair follicles, the tiny structures responsible for hair growth. It may also harm cells at their roots needed for the circulation of blood and hormones.

The only proven strategy for protection from harm is “do not smoke” and if you already do “Quit smoking” Prevention is best; add no smoking to your daily “To do list”.

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