A Proven Way to Prevent Premature Ageing of the Skin

This single act is a sure way to cause premature ageing of the Skin
According to research, the number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day is significantly linked to skin ageing as shown in a publication published in the Archives of Dermatology in 2007. The research examined the upper inner arms of smokers and non-smokers within the ages of 22 to 91. It was found that the number of packs of cigarettes that the smokers smoked per day was significantly linked to skin ageing.
According to the British Skin Foundation, smoking increases the breakdown of collagen and reduces the quantity produced; consequently this reduces the skin’s natural elasticity and leads to ageing.
Effects of smoking
It is reported that burning cigarettes exposes the skin to heat and this damages facial skin. Also, certain smoking habits such as, pursing the lips to inhale and squinting of the eyes to keep the smoke out contribute to wrinkles.
  • With smoking, the protein that helps skin strength known as “collagen” degrades faster than normal leading to wrinkles.
  • It causes tiny blood vessels in the skin to tighten

  • It reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the skin cells receive leading to depletion of skin elasticity and acceleration of ageing.
  • Alcohol intake dehydrates the body and skin thus making the skin look old and tired.

How to prevent Smoking effects
  • Avoid smoking; it is never healthy any way.
  • If you must take alcohol, then drink plenty of water
  • Take non-alcoholic drinks such as soda water or watery fruit juice in between the alcoholic intake to help your body get re hydrated.

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