Tips to help you sleep well

Here are tips for getting a good night’s sleep

§  Try to keep to a regular routine at bedtime.
§  Have a warm bath to relax you.
§  Learn how to put aside the “worry list” that is in your head: write it down, keep a pencil and pad of paper by your bed.
§  Get a relaxation tape: don’t watch TV late at night or in bed as this can stimulate rather than relax you.
§  Avoid eating a heavy meal late at night.
§  Eat your last meal for the day 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.
§  Drink plenty of water during the day rather than toward bedtime.
§  If you wake in the night get up and do something distracting until you are sleepy again rather than toss and turn and worry in bed.
§  Keep your bedroom cool, dark and quiet. It should be a haven of peace and not a den of noise and stimulation.
§  Keep an eye mask and ear plugs handy.
§  Avoid stimulants like caffeine and nicotine in the evenings: drink camomile tea rather than cocoa to induce sleep at bedtime (but not too much or you will be up in the night for the toilet).

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