Is tooth decay caused by how and not what you eat?

Frequent snacking on sugary foods and drinks may be worse than eating a big chunk of chocolate cake at once. Frequent snacking increases your risk for cavities or decay.
Did you know that when you eat, bacteria that cause cavity or decay feast on leftover food, producing an acid that attacks the outer shell of your teeth.
Dental experts say, it is not just, about how much sugar or starch you eat, rather it is about how you eat. Eating and sipping is dangerous to your teeth. For every bite of snack or sip of a drink with carbohydrate content, there is a corresponding acid attack on your teeth.
 What to do: 
  • Rather than eating in chunks, eat at once.
  • Eat balanced and healthy meals for longer satisfaction.
  •  If you must snack, take low fat and sugar content.
  • If you eat sugar less frequently, drink a good quantity of water to get rid of leftover food.

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