Skin contact between mother and baby lowers risk of some diseases

Prolong skin contact between mother and baby(Kangaroo care)can lower the risk of sepsis and boost the survival in preterm newborns according to a recent finding 
New borns that were given a combination of kangaroo care and standard medical care showed a 36% lower death rate than new born given only standard care.                   
 78% lower risk of hypothermia,
88% lower risk of dangerously low blood sugar.
They also showed half the risk of developing sepsis,

The study reveals that tiny newborns may have better survival odds given prolonged skin-to-skin contact with their mother, whilst they’re in the hospital. Using this method other wise known as kangaroo care, mothers hold their newborn against the chest with a blanket over the baby, allowing skin-to-skin contact. 

Sources:journal Pediatrics, Health Day, Webmd


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