Men living with Prostate Cancer may have lower death risk

Aspirin may lower the risk of dying from prostate cancer

Regular intake of aspirin in men may lower their risk of dying from prostate cancer as suggested by a recent study presented by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in San Francisco.
According to research reports, in 1982, the study commenced to test the benefits and risks of aspirin and beta-carotene in the prevention of heart disease and cancer. The study used information from over 22,000 men. In a study that lasted for nearly over 30 years with almost 3,200 men diagnosed with prostate cancer, just over 400 of these men developed lethal prostate cancer.
What is lethal prostate cancer?
Lethal prostate cancer was referred to as either the spread of prostate cancer to other organs or death from prostate cancer.
According to the researchers, they discovered that after the diagnosis of prostate cancer, regular intake of aspirin lowered the risk of death by prostate cancer by almost 40 percent.
Result of the Study
According to the study,
  • some of the men who took more than three tablets of aspirin weekly and were without diagnosis of prostate cancer recorded 24% lower risk of having lethal prostate cancer.
  • the tendency of being diagnosed with either prostate cancer or high-grade prostate cancer was not affected by aspirin intake.
  • men with regular aspirin use after diagnosis, recorded 39% lower risk of death from prostate cancer.
  • the use of aspirin prior to diagnosis did not show any remarkable difference.
Speculative Explanation
The researchers speculate that a possible reason why aspirin may prevent the lethal progression of prostate cancer may be associated with aspirin’s ability to suppress platelets in the blood. This explains why aspirin can cause bleeding as a side effect.
The researchers added, “Platelets probably shield circulating cancer cells from immune recognition, and by depleting those platelets, you’re allowing the immune system to recognize the cancer.” The researchers added that aspirin likely helps prevent the cancer from spreading to the bone or other areas of the body.
The researchers said that the recommendation of aspirin for the prevention of lethal prostate cancer is premature. However, men that have prostate cancer and may already be benefiting from the cardiovascular effects of aspirin could have one more reason to consider regular aspirin use.
Advice from the researchers  
Men, who may be considering the regular use of aspirin for any reason, should consult their personal doctor to discuss risks and benefits.
Considering this is only an observational study, a direct cause-and-effect link between aspirin use and risk of death from prostate cancer cannot be drawn. This research was presented at a medical meeting and researches presented during such meetings should be viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.
Remember, self-medication is highly discouraged, consult your doctor.
Blissful 2016 from Med Switch
Lead researcher
Dr. Christopher Allard
Urologic oncology
Harvard Medical School,
Dr. Sumanta Pal
ASCO expert / oncologist,
City of Hope in Duarte, Calif

Healthday News/ Webmd

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