How WWE May Affect Doctors – Patient Relationship, Superman Punch Patient

Doctor beat up his patient to death
A new report that may have gone viral and reported by CNN on an incidence that occurred in a hospital between a doctor and his patient recalls memory of two present WWE superstars currently battling for the WWE title.
Whilst it may seem like a role play, with the doctor starring as “Roman Reigns” with the superman punch and the patient, “Sheamus” with a brogue kick, the “don’t try this at home” WWE warning may not apply to this doctor.
According to the CNN reports, an undisclosed doctor beat up his patient to death.
During the course of a procedure, the patient reportedly kicked a nurse, and in defense of the nurse, the doctor punched his patient who fell and hit his head on the ground as reported by the Russian state news agency.
The doctor also hit another man who came into the room where the patient was beaten, according to Ria Novosti. Autopsy report of the decease patient links his death to traumatic brain injury.
Officials opened a criminal case the next day following confirmation by the autopsy report. Russian investigators reported on Saturday that the doctor faces up to two years in prison for superman punch given to the patient who eventually passed on.
The unfortunate patient may not have transit into the New Year, following the incidence that occurred December 29 at Belgorod’s City Hospital in southwestern Russia near the border with Ukraine.
The doctor has been fired and placed under house arrest. His actions are classified as negligence in absence of any evidence showing intent to murder the patient, said the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Belgorod region as reported by CNN.
The incident was captured on surveillance video showing the incidence; however there was no footage showing the patient kicking the nurse yet the investigators did not give any explanation to that effect.
Check the videoDoctor beating up patient 

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