Why is your phone ringing, when it is not? Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Do you feel like your phone is ringing whilst it is not? 

“Should we be concerned about what our mind or body may be trying to tell us by the aggravating imaginary emanations from belts, pockets and even purses? Whether PVS is the result of physical nerve damage, a mental health issue, or both, this growing phenomenon seems to indicate that we may have crossed a line in this ‘always on’ society.”

From the article entitled “Phantom Vibration Syndrome” published in the New Pittsburgh Courier, written by columnist Robert D. Jones
Have you ever felt like your phone is vibrating or ringing when actually it is not?
In a study of students and phone hallucination, about 90% of them said they feel like their phone rings whilst it never did. This sensation is called Phantom Vibration Syndrome initially known as ringxiety,
This may occur when you are anxious or expecting an important call or text message such that you become extra conscious of the sensations that would mean an incoming call. Humans are particularly sensitive to auditory tones between 1,000 and 6,000 hertz, and basic mobile phone ringers are usually between this range. In the 1990s, people reported “Phantom Pager Syndrome.”
Although, the cause of phantom vibrations is not exactly known, however, preliminary research suggests it has to do with excessive involvement with your cell phone, especially when used frequently or when you are anticipating a phone call.
The cerebral cortex may misinterpret other sensory input (such as muscle contractions, pressure from clothing, or music) as a phone vibration or ring tone. Cerebral cortex  is the brain’s outer layer of neural tissue. It plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptionawareness, thought, language, and consciousness.
When detecting a vibrating phone has become a habit, the slightest muscle twitch or the feeling of clothing movement could be wrongly interpreted as phone vibration or ring. This may be similar to wearing a pair of glasses frequently, once you are use to your glasses, they almost become a part of you such that you tend to forget that you are wearing one.

At the moment, there are no well known treatment for phantom vibrations, but experts suggests 
that changing the usual position of how you carry your cell phone may reduce the sensation.

In addition, try turning off the vibrate mode, changing your ring tone or using a different device.

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