A tip for Pregnant women and the men who did it

And the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent” from the holy book. Hmm!!
But to safely get the seed out of the woman, a loving and caring husband must be involved in the process and not only plant the seed in the woman. 

Contrary to previous counsel given to pregnant women

Did you know that?
·       It is not healthy for your unborn baby and you to just sit down with your feet up all through?
·       If you keep a healthy body and a healthy weight gain during pregnancy, you reduce the common complaints and discomforts experienced by most pregnant women.
 Do you experience any of this symptoms?; lower back pain, fatigue, constipation or more? 

This may help and even make labor a little easier.
Over the years, the need for prenatal exercise to maintain and even improve fitness levels has drastically changed the life style of pregnant women.
Reason why you should exercise: exercise does the following;
·       Boost mood and energy levels
·       Enhances good sleep
·       Prevents weight gain and overweight
·       Increases stamina and muscle strength
·       Increase in stamina may also help in increasing endurance levels and consequently make labor a little easier.
·       Improve heart health and general health
Before you exercise during pregnancy,
Consult your physician
Consideration must be given to the trimester of pregnancy.
Pregnant women, who may have been involved in regular exercise regimen and show signs of having a healthy pregnancy, may only need to continue with their initial regimen in moderation.
·       There may be need to modify your exercise to fit your trimester of pregnancy.

For women who have not been involved in any exercise regimen in at least three times a week before pregnancy,
·       Avoid starting up with strenuous activities
·       Begin with low-intensity activity,
·       Observe progress and effect if any
·       If okay, step up to higher activity levels.
Most importantly, do not hesitate to see your care provider.

Congratulations” and do have a safe delivery.

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