Have you smoked up to sixty cigarettes? see the impact

In an experiment on the effect of smoking on the lungs, 60 cigarettes were used on the lung of a pig.
An air pump was used to inflate the pig lung and when the pump was switched off, the
Lung expelled the air. A cigarette was then lighted and the smoke drawn
Into the lungs
In a comparison between a smoke free pair of lungs and the one used for the smoking test

The trachea of the lung not exposed to cigarette smoke showed no discoloration and remained unblemished, while the one exposed to smoke became intensely discoloured.
Experts say when you light a cigarette, you release over than 7,000 dangerous chemicals. May be instead of the cliché, “do not smoke”, our advice to you is to count the cost and decide, “is it worth it”?.

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