16 Exercise tips for pregnant women

Exercise regimen during pregnancy should strengthen and condition your muscles
Some of the most productive and safest exercise activities you may need to get involve in during pregnancy include prenatal yoga, swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, and low-impact aerobics. Ensure you are taught by a certified aerobics instructor.
These activities do not only benefit the body, but can be done until delivery of the baby. They present little injury risk. Activities such as jogging can be moderately done.
1.   It is advisable to choose exercises or activities that do not require great balance or coordination, especially later in your pregnancy.
2.    Make sure you always start by warming up. Warm up for 5 minutes; stretch for 5 minutes and then do your normal exercise. You should end your regimen with a gradually slower exercise. Gradually slow down and end by gently stretching.
3.      After your first trimester of pregnancy, do not exercise by lying on your stomach or flat on your back.
4.      Avoid dehydration before and after exercise, drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise.
5.      During the first trimester, when the fetus is in a very important stage of growth and development, avoid overheating and humidity.
6.      Consult your doctor and stop exercise, if you experience fatigue, vaginal bleeding or persistent pain.  The occurrence of regular contractions for more than 30 minutes after exercise could possibly be a sign of pre-term labor, see your care provider.
7.      Do not carry heavy weight or involve in stressful activities.
8.      Do not get involved in exercises done in high altitude such as scuba diving. This will expose you to extreme air pressure.
9.      Do not exercise beyond the required for pre-pregnant women.
10.  Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes, as well as a good support bra.
11.  To prevent injuries, get shoes specifically designed for your exercise.
12.  Avoid exhaustion during exercise.
13.  You may be getting exhausted, If you cannot talk normally while exercising. Slow down your activity.
14.  Use flat level surfaces for your exercise to avoid injuries
15.  At least ensure an hour after eating before exercise.
16.  To prevent dizziness, get up slowly and gradually. 

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