11 ways to deal with stinky feet- “Bromodosis”

How bad does your feet stink?
Did you know why your feet stink? “Bromodosis”

The fact is that there are more sweat glands in your feet compared other parts of the body. Your feet stinks when bacteria on the skin breaks down sweat coming from the skin pores and causes an unpleasant smell to be released as the sweat decomposes.
Smelly feet can affect anyone and can be discomforting and embarrassing.  Medically known as “bromodosis”, It is mainly caused by sweaty feet and there are simple steps you can take to help prevent this.
Did you know that?
There are more sweat glands in your feet compared other parts of the body. These sweat glands help to
§  Regulate body temperatures during hot weather or while exercisingand
§  Keeps the skin moist
Contrary to sweat glands in other parts of the body, sweat glands in the feet do not only secrete in response to heat or exercise, it secretes at all times.

 Major causes of smelling feet:

  • Daily or frequent use of the same shoes: Most times we wear the shoes already soak in sweat over again before they dry up.
  • Hyperhidrosisis a condition that can cause unusual sweating.
  • Hormonal changes, which occur mostly in teenagers and pregnant women, can cause feet to sweat and smell.
  • Stress.
Preventing stinking feet
1.     Ensure good personal hygiene
2.     Choose cotton or wool socks instead of nylon
3.     Avoid wearing the same shoes repeatedly for 2 days.
4.     Thoroughly wash and dry your feet and in between toes daily.
5.     After drying your feet, you can use cotton wool dipped in surgical spirit to dab between your toes.
6.     Ensure your socks are clean daily.
7.     Spray, deodorant, or antiperspirant can be applied to the feet
8.     Detachable medicated insoles can be place in your shoes.
9.     Foot-fresh socks are socks impregnated with chemicals to fight bacteria that cause the smell.
10.  Some sports socks have ventilating panels to help keep feet dry.
11.  Antibacterial foot scrub can be used

Please do not use antibacterial foot scrubs if you have skin problems such as eczema or broken skin. See your physician if these does not help.

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