Cabbage Soup is effective for fast weight loss -The 7 things you must know

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan 
Looking to lose that weight in a week while in preparation of special events; a wedding or Christmas party, then, this low-fat and low-carb diet plan can help for a short term weight loss. You can lose up to 10 pounds weekly.
Considering that people get discouraged trying to lose weight as a result of the slow pace of losing weight in other diet plans, the Cabbage soup diet plan provides a faster alternative.
Seven Days Diet Plan
In the seven day diet plan, beverages other than water and unsweetened tea are not allowed and alcohol should be avoided.
Day 1
Take fruits and soup, no bananas but you can take all other fruits. Drinks you can take are; cranberry juice, non-sugary tea, and plenty of water.
Day 2
Take only vegetables; eat as much as you can. Vegetables can be consumed either raw or boiled. Avoid peas, dry beans and corns. You can take green, leafy vegetables, and lots of soup. One baked potato along-with butter will be adequate for dinner.
Day 3
You can combine menu for day 1 and day2 with exception to the baked potato,
Day 4
Note that day four is meant to curb your desire for sugary food items. You can take bananas and skim milk. It is recommended not to take more than eight bananas.
Day 5
Take as much as six tomatoes, between ten to twenty ounces of beef and eight to ten glasses of water to purge uric acid and other toxins from your body. It is okay to take soup once daily. You take broiled chicken as an alternative to consuming beef.
Day 6
Go on with vegetables and beef; take soup at least once daily. You can take as much vegetables and varieties too except for baked potatoes.
Day 7th
Take non-sugary fruits and vegetables and brown rice. Take vegetable soup at least once daily. You can keep yourself filled with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
7 things you must know about the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

Note that the cabbage soup is exclusively designed for short term weight loss,
1.      The diet program is best for a short term weight loss plan and may not be suitable for long-term weight loss. This is because the initial weight loss that might occur in your body will be due to water loss not fat loss.
2.      Whilst the human body requires 1200 calories daily, the cabbage soup diet plan provides between 800 to 1050 calories which is extremely low.
3.      If you are diabetic, consult your care provider before commencing any diet plan, this is because there is high sodium in the diet plan. This can enhance blood sugar level of people suffering from diabetes.
4.      Your body will be short of nutrients considering the food items in the diet plan lack protein and other vital nutrients.
5.      You might feel nausea or anxiety just with the look of the soup, considering that so much emphasis on cabbage which is the main ingredient of the diet plan
6.      The monotonous food items in the diet plan may bore you.

7.      The vegetables and fruits used in the plan are extremely low in calorie, hence you may experience hunger pangs.

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