10 Food to improve concentration and Brain health

4 of 10 foods that can boost your concentration. 

It is no longer news, the fact that diets short of essential nutrients may be a major reason why you have difficulty to concentrate.
More or less food?
 Whilst excessive food can also be a reason why you find it hard to concentrate or make you feel tired, too little food (few calories) can also cause distraction to your hunger pangs.Your brain will function better with a wide variety of healthy foods combined to give you well-balanced diet.

1.           Breakfast helps your Brain function

You have been on a fast all through the night, it’s necessary to break the fast when you wake up in the morning. Research says that breakfast may improve short-term memory and attention; however researchers also suggest that high-calorie breakfasts may negatively affect concentration
Fruits and diary, high-fiber whole grains are great sources of fuel for your brain in the morning.

2.           Sugar helps Alertness

Glucose sugar is a necessity for your brain. The body gets glucose from sugars and carbs you eat. A glass of sweet drink can boost memory, thinking, and mental ability in a short term.
However, too much sugar is not good for you, it can impair memory.
Caution: it is glucose sugar and not table sugar. Avoid lots of sugar.

3.           Caffeine helps Alertness
Caffeine can energize and aid concentration. It is commonly found in coffee, but chocolate, energy drinks, and some medications also contain caffeine.
It can keep you alert on the short term, however, excess intake must be avoided. As it can cause sleeplessness, dehydration or even make you jittery and uncomfortable.

4.           Fish Really is Brain Food

Omega-3 fatty acid is renowned for brain health. Naturally found in fish. Fish provides a valuable source of protein that boosts the brain. Omega-3 fats are healthy.
Benefits: It aids brain and heart health, lowers the risk of stroke, dementia (slower mental decline), and aids memory enhancement with ageing.
How much do you need? Two servings of fish weekly are great.

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