Need a reason to take chocolate?- You found one


Perhaps, you may have found a genuine reason to eat chocolate .
In a long-term health study of 968 adults, Persons who take chocolate once weekly were seen to have better performance in terms of mental skills than those who rarely take chocolate.
Did you Know that
1.     Chocolate and cocoa flavanols are linked with improvements in several health issues such as cardiovascular related issues.
2.     Flavonoid is found in plant-based foods.
3.     Coccoa beans contain about 20% of flavonoid which may be partly responsible for protection against normal decline of mental skills in ageing people.
4.     Chocolate contains varying amounts of cocoa. 7%-15% in milk chocolate to 30%-70% in dark chocolate.
5.     Chocolate contains caffeine and obromine components and both components are associated with improving alertness and mental skills.
Brain Performance Tests
The study measured brain performance using
§  Tests of verbal memory.
§  Visual-spatial memory and organization, Visual-spatial memory; a function that enables us find or locate. E.g. the ability to find your keys or recall the way to your home.
§  Scanning and tracking
§  Abstract reasoning
§  The ability to recall, such as recalling a list of words.
According to the research team, further studies to establish how chocolate boost brain power is needed.
Researchers Advice
§  Take chocolate in combination with a balanced healthy diet and lifestyle.
§  Chocolate intake should be considered within an overall healthy eating pattern.
§  Consideration must be given to total energy intake and a person’s energy needs.

Study done by the University of Maine and the Luxembourg Institute of Health

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