3 ways to maintain good eye sight

With constant exposure to computers, smart phone, TV screens and environmental strains like sunlight and pollution, the eyes may begin to age faster than it should. Hence these steps are recommended to enhance your eye health.                                   

  1. Exercise Your Eyes :The same way we can build body muscles, we can do the same for the small muscles in our eyes. Eye exercise strengthens eye muscles to enhance better vision 

    With your arm stretched out in front of you, do a thumb up and rotate your hand around in a circular motion. Keep your eyes on your thumb and move the eyes around without head movement

  2. Eat right: Good diets with vitamins and minerals nutrients will boost your vision and give you good eye health. 

    Leafy greens contain antioxidants which have been proven to reduce the risk of eye degeneration.Berries provide vitamin C which aids the blood vessels in the eyes. Almonds provides vitamin A which enhances the well being of the eyes

  3. Nutritional SupplementsNutritional supplements with good composition of nutrients helps to support good vision and promotes eye health. As indicated by the name “supplement”, eye supplements are meant to add to and not to replace the necessary nutrients you get from a healthy diet. The use of dietary supplements alone cannot entirely make up for serious nutritional deficiency due to bad eating habits such as excessive junking and poor diet. Junking is linked with vision loss and several health problems.

Consult your care provider to make a great choice of supplement

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