Dealing with Bee and their stings

Hi Aijay, following your face book post on your experience on your way back from work, we at Med Switch celebrate your victory over the incident and we also consider it important to look into the organism that flew into your ears.

This article is dedicated to you and to enlighten the public who need to know how to deal with bees. Hence we wish share your story on our blog.
Although the image you posted did not give us a clear and holistic view to make more précised evaluation, but after comparing the image in your post, we think you were attacked by a bee. 
There are several kinds of bees, but apparently you were attacked by the carpenter bee. Like the name implies, Carpenter bees are named because their preferred habitat is in woods. They dig into wooden surfaces to make their nests.

We observe the bee in your post is black; there are 2 big black bees that look alike. The first is the carpenter bee and the second a bumble bee. Black bees sting, but bumble bees do not because they don’t have stingers. 
Bumble bees tend to nest in the ground, while carpenter bees bore holes in wood, including your house. From the image, we also believe you were attacked by a female carpenter bee. Female carpenters have black heads, while males have black heads with white spots

like every other bee sting; a carpenter bee sting will hurt for a while and may swell. An allergic reaction may occur if you are sensitive to bee venom. 

Treatment of Bee sting

1.     Vinegar can be applied to neutralize the venom from the bee sting.

Use a stiff card such as a drivers license or a credit card, gently scrape the stinger out of the sting site.

3.     Flush with cool water and
4.     Apply some Neosporin and a bandaid (Plaster).
5.     If the bee gets into your mouth (throat) or ears, seek medical assistance (ENT).

However, for persons allergic to bees, please seek emergency treatment because allergic reactions can occur swiftly and can be fatal.


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