How this creature tried to build nest inside the ear- story of a Nigerian artist

This the story of Aijay Desmond, a music minister and artist resident in Lagos,Nigeria. The story is unedited and shared  as originally posted.
And so that was how this insect here flew into my ear from nowhere this afternoon on my way from work. Tell me how that is possible in the hot afternoon on a busy Lagos road. Not only did it get INTO my ear but it kept biting me inside my ear for the next 45mins before I could get to the nearest hospital that runs ENT(Ear,Nose and Throat) services.
In the midst of the pain I was feeling,I could only pray in the spirit and call the name of JESUS but the insect just kept biting me (I guess in a bid to get out of my ear) and then I had to command it to be still. It did but after a while it continued. Oh what a traumatising experience!
Well,I finally got to the hospital and they helped to bring it out but then the creature had caused some trauma and I was bleeding in my ear(you can see the blood stain surrounding the insect). They tried to clean as much as they could and the doctor says I’m gonna be OK. I write this with tears in my eyes because I’m a bit overwhelmed at the faithfulness of our God.
Anybody that knows about the ear knows it’s very delicate organ. What would have happened if it had gotten to my eardrum and damaged it or even gotten into another part of my body?I want to let you know out there that you a winner everyday. The devil is the loser and will always remain so.
Praise the Lord!

**Btw anyone knows what this insect is called? I don’t .

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