How long do you work weekly?-Long work hours may be linked with heart disease.

1 extra hour at work may imply 1 percent increase risk of heart disease, as Individuals, who work for as much as 46 hours weekly or even more show a higher risk of heart disease
Recent study suggests that the risk for heart disease may be higher in persons involved in prolonged work hours. 
In an analysis of data from over 1,900 persons, it was observe that 43 percent of them have been diagnosed with a problem related to cardiovascular disease (CVD).
CVD includes anginacoronary artery diseaseheart failureheart attackhigh blood pressure or stroke.
§  Full-time employees showed a 1 percent increase risk for each extra hour worked weekly and for over 10 years or more.
§  The study started with individuals who work for 46 hours weekly. They observed that additional work hours increased the risk of heart disease even more.
§   Individuals who worked an average of 45 hours weekly for 10 years or over were used for their comparism.
§  Individuals who worked 55 hours weekly showed 16 percent higher risk of heart disease 
§  Individuals who worked 60 hours weekly showed 35 percent higher risk.
The study did not include part-time workers. The researchers did not show any cause-and-effect relationship between long work hours and increased heart disease risk.
Study published in the issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. March edition


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