How to manage pressure, drippings before you find the convenience- U.I in Women

Urinary Incontinence(UI)– Women experience UI twice as often as men

Although urinary incontinence is not perculiar to women, our focus is on millions of women who experience involuntary loss of urine called urinary incontinence (UI). This is because women experience UI twice as often as men

Whilst some women may lose a few drops of urine while running or coughing, others may feel

a strong and sudden pressing urge to urinate just before losing a large amount of urine. However, many women experience both symptoms. Urine loss may occur during sexual activity and may cause emotional distress.

Some causes of Urinary Incontinence
Both women and men may suffer incontinenence from neurologic injury, birth defects, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and physical problems associated with aging, however, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, and the structure of the female urinary tract are reasons why women suffer from UI more their men. Older women experience UI more often than younger women.

Tips to Help You Manage Urinary Incontinence

A leaky bladder is not necessarily a big deal.  Simple solutions you can try right away are available to manage urinary incontinence. Although people find it hard to as much as talk to their care provider, talking to your doctor will help and make things better.
A combination of behavior modification, self-help activities and medication can help. This may help to improve the condition.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Medical experts recommend “a Kegel” to strengthen your muscles and improve symptoms. You may suffer leakage if your pelvic floor muscles are weakened from pregnancy, prostate surgery, or being overweight. The pelvic floor exercise can improve your pelvic floor muscles and help you hold your urine. It helps you relax and contract the muscles very quickly. Many times, that will abort the urgent sensation

How to do the Pelvic Floor or Kegel Exercises

By looking at your bladder diary, the doctor may see a pattern and suggest making it a point to use the bathroom at regular timed intervals, a habit called timed voiding.
As you gain control, you can extend the time between scheduled trips to the bathroom. Behavioral treatment also includes Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles that help hold in urine.

Find the right muscles
To do this, think of yourself sitting on a marble and picking up the marble with your vagina by sucking or drawing the marble into your vagina.
1.     Avoid squeezing other muscles at the same time.
2.     Avoid tightening your stomach, legs, or buttocks.
3.     Squeezing the wrong muscles can put more pressure on your bladder control muscles.
4.     only squeeze the pelvic muscles.
5.     Avoid holding your breath.
6.     Avoid practicing when urinating.
7.     Repeat the process and avoid doing it excessively.
8.     For concentration, begin with your bathroom or bedroom.
9.     Pull in the pelvic muscles and hold for a three count.
10.  Relax for the three count.
11.  Do it up to three sets of 10 repeats.
12.  Start doing your pelvic muscle exercises lying down as this is the easiest position. The muscles will not have to work against gravity. Working against gravity feels like adding more weight.
13.  As your muscles get stronger, do your exercises sitting or standing.
14.  Though you may not notice or feel improvement in your bladder control for 3 to 6 weeks, be patient. Most people get improvement after a few weeks. You only need 5 minutes commitment daily
15.  Get into the habit of doing them daily, about every 2 waking hours. They can stop leakage or significantly prevent it.”  
You may not be able tell whether you are doing the Kegel exercises correctly if you have a nerve  as commonly experienced by some persons with nerve damage. A doctor or nurse examination will be helpful while you try to do the exercise. Perhaps, you are squeezing the wrong muscles, you may be able to learn correctly how to perform Kegel exercises via special training with biofeedback, electrical stimulation, or both.

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