One Healthy move to get to your Boss

Being unhappy at work is bad for a business’ and bad for employee’s health. Studies have shown being unhappy with or unfulfilled by work can take a toll on your health, relationships, and even lifespan. 
There may be several reasons why you are unhappy at work, but there is one thing you can do to change several things. Building top and bottom level relationships is a good start. But wait before you stop reading, thinking you ve got it. There is just one simple thing you can do to get started

Have you considered sending emails to your boss?
One of the difficulties associated with management is managing people; their time and ensuring that employee are delivering on their job and giving value for their pay.
The Stanford professor (Jeffrey Pfeffer) says you should ensure that your performance and accomplishment is visible to your boss. Send emails to yor boss at the end of the week, summing up what you accomplished during the week. Do not do this as an hypocritical way, rather do it to help your superiors in the organization manage their own careers.
This is a leeway to make it to the top of the hierarchy, make yourself more productive, accountable and also make management easier for your busy boss who may be clueless about how you spend office time and resource. Your boss or superiors will certainly appreciate your proactiveness and initiative and probably come to rely on it
It’s the simple things that matters most.


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