3 Ways to Lower Your Heart Rate & Win. #Lagos Marathon

If you are running, it is generally expected of you to run at least 10 minutes per mile, hence if you run any slower, you are not running but jogging. 
How to determine your maximum Heart rate
Racers calculate a percentage of their maximum heart rate when planning their workouts. As a runner, you can determine your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. Hence, you can run and lower your heart rate for medical reasons or even boost your fat-burning level.
3 Ways to Lower heart rate.

Step 1: Avoid Hills or Incline

Depending on your fitness level or life style, people who run will be working at about 70 percent of their maximum heart rate. Any incline will elevate the heart rate, hence
to keep your heart rate low during the race, avoid hilly parts of the road when possible by running on flat terrains to reduce your overall exertion. Consequently, you lower your heart rate. This will be evident if your heart rate is measured while running up a hill as against running on flat or level surfaces.

Step 2: Lower your arms.

Running with your arms at chest level, increases your heart rate especially when you move your arms above the level of the heart or at level of your heart. This creates a greater level of exertion. In order to lower your heart rate, lower your arms; let them swing closer to your hips, perhaps lower whilst you run.

Step 3: Reduce running speed


Rather than running at an eight-minute mile, cut it down to say a 10-minute mile and check your pulse after running for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes to determine where you are exactly.

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