How Consumer reporting saved patients from fake Doctor

fake-doctorAccording to the Special Adviser to the Lagos state Governor on Primary Health Care, Dr. Olufemi Onanuga, the ministry received reports from well meaning citizens about a medical centre offering quack service.

The proprietor of the Empire Medical Centre at 10, Soyebo Street, Ikorodu, Mr. Onumoh Eleazer was arrested for quackery and his facility sealed up.

This is to identify fake practitioners and regulate as well as sanitize the operations of healthcare facilities, the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA) of Lagos state

The said proprietor, Mr. Onumoh Eleazer had recently performed surgical operations on three out of the seven patients admitted in his facility just before he was arrested by the regulatory agency (HEFAMAA). The proprietor of the facility performs surgical procedures without a certificate of practice.

The question is how can the public identify fake practitioners or facilities involved in malpractice?

Besides government efforts, unbiased complain from concerned citizens led to a thorough investigation of the quack practitioner, Mr. Eleazer who claimed he studied Medicine in the Dominican Republic, but for financial reasons, could not collect his certificate. He claimed to have undergone 14years of training under retired Dr.Godwin Kanu, a consultant traumatologist and orthopedist.

  • What measures do we have to monitor and track a fake practitioner who has been practicing medicine for 14 years?
  • What measures do we have to monitor and track healthcare providers who recruit auxiliary nurses and train unqualified personnel as auxiliary assistants in their clinics?

We are all at risk of these acts, irrespective of differences in economic status, hence we must all get involved in monitoring, reporting, rating, reviewing and sharing our experience or loved ones to inform others.

Why we are better off together

When we all name and shame these quack practitioners and their facilities, we drive out of them business, we forward their names and activities to the relevant authorities.

Learn what happens when we do nothing

As parents make off springs, fake practitioners replicate their kind who in turn go out and establish their own outfits. These impostors can forever infiltrate our entire system for generations unborn and could lead to a long chain of terrible consequences for the health sector if not decisively addressed.

What to look out for
  • All operators of health facilities must be duly qualified and registered.
  • All health facilities must be manned by qualified health personnel
  • All health practitioners must have their licenses renewed annually.
  • All health facilities must ensure the availability and use of adequate, appropriate instruments and equipment
  • All health facilities must ensure they conform to prescribed requirement and not offer services beyond the scope of approval.

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